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If you would like to sell your material to us we request samples of a minimum of 3 lbs to be shipped to

Seaview Plastic Recycling, Inc.

938 Crescent Avenue

Bridgeport, CT 06607

If your material is a large product weighing over 3 lbs such as pallets, buckets, bins etc., please send one unit. Please make sure your company information is sent with the sample.

Please make sure all freight charges or postage is paid on samples being sent to us. We must refuse any samples sent freight collect or with postage due.

industrial Plastic SCRAP Recycling


Seaview Plastic Recycling purchases all types of industrial plastic scrap. "All polymers, all forms" covers the gamut of materials we look to purchase and sell.

We promise courteous, fast and reliable pickup and prompt payment for your materials. We take pride in our on time pickups and deliveries.

Although our main facility is in Bridgeport, CT we purchase and sell material NATIONWIDE. We have available warehousing throughout the US and Canada. Our import and export business in Mexico is run on both sides of the border and our staff is bilingual.

We also offer multi-dimensional plastic recycling services. Shredding, grinding, paper and metal removal, pelletizing and baling make us your single source service provider.

Please contact us to learn how we can make a difference in your company.