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With over 25 years of plastic recycling experience at the highest levels we have a team of professionals that have solved even the most troublesome plastic waste problems known to the industry. Feel comfortable that the personnel you are working with are the most qualified and professional in the scrap plastic business.

We are able to purchase and sell materials Nationally and Internationally and have available multilingual personnel (English, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin) to assist all  customers and suppliers.



From our 58,000 sq. ft. facility in Bridgeport, CT we manage materials throughout the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest and Canada.

We purchase and sell material in every state and use our warehouses in TX, CA, IL, FL, and NC to help us serve NATIONWIDE!



"If you are not completely satisfied with the material purchased, we will offer replacement or full refund. period."

                                                                    - Joe Cirillo, President

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Assessment: It all starts with our inspection of the material. We evaluate it and provide pricing. Once agreed, a pickup schedule is made.

The Move: The material is picked up at your dock by our truck. The truck is weighed, empty, and then again when fully loaded, with certified scales. Scale tickets and our receiving documentation will be provided to you for ease and accuracy of invoices.

Prompt Payment: Your invoice will be paid within terms or earlier. We do take advantage of discounts for earlier payment if offered.

We love to maintain long term relationships with clients and become more than just a recycling  service. We want to be part of the routine that makes your business better. These are the partnerships we strive to build and grow.

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Call us now and let us get started understanding your industrial waste recycling needs.  We will evaluate your material, quote a fair competitive price and schedule pickup according to YOUR schedule. Upon receipt we will issue a receiving document for the material with certified scale tickets for prompt payment. Its as easy as ABC.




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