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Thank you for your inquiry into Seaview Plastic Recycling’s TPO Recycling Program (TRP)
TRP was started in order to assist auto body shops in CT with a way to 100% RECYCLE damaged
TPO Bumpers that are a large part of the auto collision waste process. It saves substantially on the
cost of throwing these bumpers away and gives your company a GREEN alternative of 100% recycling
of your TPO bumpers at no cost to you, effectively saving you money.  
Bumpers must meet the following criteria to be accepted at our Bridgeport, CT location;
1-TPO bumpers only
2-Bumpers must be free from all metal and non TPO plastic clips, screws, rubber guards,
Labels, etc.
3-Bumpers can be delivered baled*, loose loaded or in boxes.
*baled bumpers must be preapproved before drop off

Our Bridgeport location at 63 Williston Street, Bridgeport, CT is open Monday-Friday from 7:30am-3:30pm
to accept drop offs. Check in with our receiving personnel upon arrival.             
We look forward to providing this service for you and thank you for your decision to recycle your
TPO bumpers.

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938 Crescent Avenue Bridgeport CT 06607 US


938 Crescent Avenue Bridgeport CT 06607 US

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